How to Save Money on Your Next Car Rental

Renting a car can be a necessary part of your traveling expenses. While you don’t want to skimp out and get a trashy car that looks like it won’t make it off the rental lot, you also don’t want to spend all your vacation money. By following the tips below, you can find the perfect balance in getting a reliable rental car and having extra money to spend on other parts of your travels.

Avoid Airport Rentals 

Many airport car rental companies will charge an airport tax on their rentals. This can sometimes be up to 25 percent of the daily price of a rental. By simply booking a rental car at another location, you can quickly save yourself this extra money. Realize that most other locations will offer free pickup services so that you don’t have to worry about paying a cab to get the rental car office. In addition, there typically isn’t a fee for returning your rental car to another office at the local airport when you get ready to take your return flight home.

Check With The Smaller Brands 

Enterprise, Avis, National, and Hertz are some of the biggest names in the rental car industry. For this reason, you may find they typically charge a higher price than other smaller brands. Do yourself a favor and check for rental cars in a specific area with an online search. After the big name brands, you should be able to find a listing for some of the smaller companies. Examples of these brands include Payless Car Rental and Fax Rent A Car. These companies will typically only have one location, but the money you save will typically cover the cost of paying a cab driver to take you to and from the location.

Take Advantage Of Club Discounts 

We all have signed up for those special discount clubs at one time or another, whether it was AAA, CAA, credit card travel discounts, or other membership organizations. When you are thinking of renting a car for your next traveling adventure, check what discounts are available to you. Most people forget they have these special discounts and they go unused. For example, many credit cards will cover rental car insurance as part of you signing up for their card. Take the time to read over and cash in on these discounts when you go to rent any of the Iceland cars.

Use An Online Discount Site 

Websites like Orbitz, Kayak, and Hotwire will allow you to set your own price for a rental car. This is assuming that you don’t really care what type of car you get or what company you get the rental from. These sites will hook you up with some amazing deals that will save you a ton of money.

Saving money on your next rental car doesn’t have to be a difficult task. By following the tips above you can be sure to save yourself a bundle. Just remember to always book ahead of time to ensure you get the cheapest price on the car class that you prefer.