Uses of flexible solar panels


Solar panels were made to provide light in areas, which are facing light failure, and those areas where electricity has not reached yet. Solar panels collect sunlight, sun height, and convert it into energy, which helps to provide light and to run other machines and appliances. These panels are the best alternative of electric energy. Solar industry is trying very hard to come up with new products and better ideas and their newest invention is flexible solar panels which are being made in a way that they can be carried anywhere. These panels are also known as flexible ultra thin solar panels or portable flexible panels. These panels are made of thin layers of silicon and are very lightweight. Silicon makes these panels bendable and people can carry them in their bags. Many solar panel manufacturing companies are making best flexible solar panels for boats, caravans, cabins and other vehicles. These panels can also charge marine batteries. To use for marine batteries, especial flexible panels are being made without any part of steel and metal so that they cannot destroy the surface. Flexible solar panels for marines are being made with fiberglass and these cells are being enclosed in thick layers of polymers to protect them from water.

There are many places in the world, which have not been developed, and there is no electric power to give light to people who are living there. Those people are living hard lives because of lack and electricity. Many social service organizations are using flexible solar panels and led light to provide light to those people. There are many methods to install these panels but the easiest way is to stick them on the surface with glue. However, this method is not good to install flexible panels on marines, for that Four, grommet finished; holes have been provided for screw fixing. Panels installation on marine also need Screwdriver, Drill with suitable drill bit4  and Well nuts are required for mounting the solar panel using the eyelet, holes on the panel.

The maintenance of these panels is not a difficult task. Some people can try to wash them with water, which is very wrong. Some panels can be water resistant but they cannot be waterproof and washing them can ruin the product.  To clean these panels it is important to use a wet cloth with gentle hands. Cold weather, rain, and snow can also be dangerous for these panels. Try not to keep them outside for a long time. Different kinds of flexible panels have different bending capacity. Some of them can be folded but other have bending limitations. Trying to bend them, more than their capacity can break the product. These panels cannot just charge marine batteries or can be used for boats, they can also charge gadgets and laptops, and that is why people love them for camping and hiking. These panels are easy to carry in back packs because they are lightweight and can fold easily. Some products have 1 year’s warranty and some have 5 years warranty.