How solar system is helping the world

The world is full of scientific inventions which are helping people are making their lives easier. The world is facing water scarcity especially Asian and south African countries this problem has created many other problems but the biggest one of all them is lack of electricity. The world need industries for better economy situations and industries need electric power to run. Many countries do not have enough water to create electricity and those countries are facing power failure, which is affecting the economy f the world. Many industries have been closed and people have lost their jobs. There was a time people did not have any solution to save their businesses and to provide some energy to areas where there is no electric power. Then things changed and scientists come up with the idea of using solar power for electricity production. At first people were not very impressed with the idea but now that they are looking at the miracles f solar power and its benefits they are valuing it more.

There are solar systems with solar panels to collect sunlight, height, and turn it into electric power. Many big industries and farms are using this source of energy to run their businesses. As every other invention of science, this technology is also improving day by day and people are coming with new and better ideas. The newest invention is flexible solar panels. These panels are being made with very thin layers of silicon to make them bendable. These panels are lightweight and come in different sizes and shapes. There are many companies, which are manufacturing these panels, and there is a big competition. People are using these panels for different purposes but ETFE flexible solar panels for boats and other vehicles are the best because of their power range which is 30W – 50W – 60W – 80W – 100W – 120W – 140W – 12V. these panels are also best for cabins and RVS. Flexible panels are also being known as portable panels because they can be carried anywhere and anytime. These panels are light in weight and can fold in any size and that makes them easier to carry around. People who are used to go for camping, hiking, and travels can keep them for power source. To make these panels different cell material is being used. Some of these panels can bend easily but others have limitations when it comes to their bending power and forceful bending can damage them.

There are two types of materials, which are being used for the manufacturing of flexible solar cells. Amorphous silicon is being used after getting vapor-deposit on materials like glass and metal and for that, manufacturers are using low temperature. Copper Indium Gallium Selenide are being made with four different materials. Their performance and efficiency have improved with time and there are chances that in future they will work much better and have more benefits. Solar power is the best way to reduce electricity bills by 50% and because of that; many societies are using these panels.