Charming B&B in Lazio

Lazio is one of the Italian regions with more stories to tell. Cradle of Western civilization and its Christianity, Lazio is rich in monuments and precious architecture, historical spas, and many places to discover.

With its varied landscapes that pass from the mountainous areas to the hills up to those closest to the low-lying coast in the Lazio coexist nature, urban centers and art in a unique harmony of its kind. From the famous Baths of Caracalla in Rome at the Galleria Borghese with all its artistic masterpieces, from Ville D’Este and Hadrian in Tivoli included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage works to the maritime areas of Sperlonga and the islands Pontine, Lazio tourists can really enjoy the pleasure of relaxing in culture environments absolutely heavenly.

An interesting solution for those who want to visit this area is undoubtedly one charming B&B. The charming B&B in Lazio are real treasures that allow you to take a break from hectic everyday life and enjoy the chance to get to know the most interesting traditions of this beautiful region. Often managed by local people who have chosen to devote his energies to the creation of a structure capable of hosting tourists as well as possible, charming B&B in Lazio have all the necessary amenities, and allow customers to feel at home.

Among these opportunities we will recommend La Torretta Historical Home, a charming B&B located in Casperia, in the province of Rieti, which allows you to see with his eyes all around the Lazio region to the Sabatini Mountains.

The palace, transformed into a charming B&B by Mrs. Maureen and her husband Roberto, dates back to 1400. The rooms, six in all, you can admire the whole town of Casperia and the beautiful olive groves all around. Each room is furnished with taste and elegance skillfully mixing antique and modern furnishings. Among other facilities, in addition to the breakfast room on the top floor with a breathtaking view, a lounge with ancient frescoes, a library and a collection of family paintings all to admire.