How do bond with your family while on holidays

Holidays are the ideal time to focus on your family and building a connection with your loved ones. With our daily lives busier than ever before, it’s an opportunity to put down the screens, switch of any calls, pack away the homework and spend quality time with those important to you.

Here are our top tips for bonding with your family while on holidays:

  1. Allow everyone choose an activity

Whether your kids are pre-schoolers or teens, let them choose an activity they’d like to do. Look for family-friendly activities you’ll all enjoy in your area and give them some options to choose from. Things to keep in mind are the age restrictions, weather, costs and location.

For example, the best family activities in Geelong that both the parents and kids would enjoy are things like Adventure Park, the Great Ocean Road drive or surfing at one of the nearby surf beaches.

  1. Limit the time on technology

We’re all guilty of spending too much time connected to a device. Just like kids, adults make excuses to justify their screen time, even while on holidays. ‘I’ve just got to respond to this one important email’ or ‘I’m just posting these photos to keep the grandparents in the loop’.

Take advantage of your annual leave and your kids time off by unplugging from your devices when you can. If switching off completely isn’t realistic for your family, agree on a time slot where everyone can check their emails, post to Instagram or peruse their Facebook uninterrupted.

  1. Eat together

A family that eats together, stays together! While you’re likely to be enjoying a break from the everyday routines, there is still plenty of opportunity to eat together whilst on holiday. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be a formal dinner that requires a lot of effort.

You can enjoy a picnic in the park or some fish and chips on the beach. You could go to the pub for an early dinner or to a nice restaurant to celebrate your holiday together. Sitting down to enjoy a meal gives everyone a chance to talk about their day and plan tomorrow’s adventures.

  1. Prepare for unexpected events in advance

There is always at least one unexpected event that occurs during a vacation. It could be a flight is delayed or worse still cancelled altogether. Maybe your room at the hotel is not ready when you arrive or the weather has meant one of your outdoor activities is off the cards.

If you’re travelling with younger kids, have some activities on hand that can keep them occupied in times where you need to wait. Travel games or colouring books can be easy and convenient to pack with you. If older kids are with you, make a pact before you go on holidays that whatever the holiday throws at you, you’re going to come together and make the best of the situation.

  1. Spend time one-on-one

Family holidays gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with each other. For kids, this is a time they can reconnect with their parents and feel a little extra special. For adults, this is a time they can add a bit more spark to their relationship or open up about their feelings, both the positive and negative.

Schedule some time in the holiday where you can spend individual time with each child and your partner. Take off your authoritarian hat and have some fun with them. Do something they would like to do, allowing them the opportunity to share their interests with you.