Tuscany, the perfect place for your holiday 

Tuscany is a region rich in tourist attractions, with 7 sites recognized as Unesco World Heritage Sites. In Tuscany, you can choose different types of tourism: you can go to the sea, in the mountains, in a country farm, to make cultural tourism or food and wine tourism. The latter is constantly growing, especially for the existence of specially dedicated itineraries where you can taste typical foods and good wine produced in various areas, visiting places where time seems to have stopped. There is a particularly beautiful area in the Tuscan region: Lucca and its surroundings. Lucca’s most distinctive element are the old city walls, since they are the only ones to be completely accessible: 4 kilometers of panoramic walkway overlooking the beautiful city of Lucca. Secret passages, hideaways and ramparts hold the historical memory of a city that has much to tell. From Fillungo (the main road that cuts halfway to the historic center) you arrive anywhere in the Old Town, if it is good weather especially, a nice walk will let you discover the nicest spots in the city and those stops you cannot miss, such as the Amphitheatre. In this very special square, of ancient Roman construction, nowadays there are typical restaurants and shops with authentic lucchese flavour.

Lucca is also called the city of one hundred churches, for the many religious buildings in the historic center. Visiting Lucca means savoring a city of tradition and history, with its churches, its narrow alleys, its squares and its villas. Outside the walls there are various medieval village that you can visit and that you can choose for your accommodation. For example, Valgiano is a small village close to Lucca where it’s possible discover the beauties of Tuscany’s countryside and where you can taste a good wine and typical dishes of this area.

The Villa of Valgiano was built by an aristocratic family from Lucca that chose this spot because of the position and the strong geological morphology of the soil.

It is surrounded by walls that were built for protection, when it was a fortress and there is a large garden with beautiful trees, 4 beautiful fountains, a neo gothic chapel and the lemon trees’ house.

The farm is surrounded by vineyards and olive trees. The main activity is winemaking, Valgiano wines are unique and delicious, known worldwide.

What are you waiting for? Come and live an unforgettable experience in one of the many villas in Tuscany!