Why Tourists Should See the Mexican Pyramids

Why Tourists Should See the Mexican Pyramids There are over 20 million foreigners who visit Mexico every year. This makes Mexico one of the largest tourist destinations in the world. With its ancient Mayas and Aztecs cultural influences, Mexico is a loved destination for tourists seeking a great getaway or a vacation destination.
Other attractions include scenic beaches and beach resorts, the Mexican tequila, and the Mexican Pyramids, among others. Mexico has attracted millions of American and Canadians tourists who travel by road, air, or water to reach this beautiful country. While there are many reasons to visit the country, this article will discuss the major reasons why tourists should see the Mexican pyramids.

1. You Will See the Second Largest Pyramid in the World
The pyramid of Cholula is located in Peubla, Mexico at a place known as Cholula hence the name. The pyramid is a huge complex also known as Tlachihualtepetl. This pyramid was built in 2,300 years ago. Apart from climbing to the top of the pyramid, you’ll also be able to walk through the underground tunnels. The pyramid of Cholula is about 150 feet tall making it the second largest pyramid in the world.

The pyramid of the Sun and pyramid of the mood are the other two pyramids that you will want to see. They are the third and fourth tallest pyramids in the world respectively. The pyramid of the sun is located in Teotihuacan and it mimics the local mountains and it has tombs that were used for different rituals and ceremonies. This pyramid was probably constructed around 200CE.
The pyramid of the moon is also located in Teotihuacan. This pyramid was dedicated to the Great Goddess and it is believed to have been constructed between 200 and 450 AD. The structure of this pyramid is quite interesting as it is made of several pyramids laid on top of one another. Each layer contains a burial chamber.

2. You Will Learn About Ancient Civilization
Apart from the three pyramids mentioned above, you will see other pyramids in Mexico. These structures are a clear indication of the presence of ancient civilization in Mexico. With a good tour guide, you will be taken through the different pyramids and their importance during the time of those ancient civilizations. You will learn how they used to conduct their ceremonies as well as their religious rituals inside those pyramids.

The pyramids are a must-see site for any visitor who wishes to discover the beauty of the ancient civilization in Mexico. You can travel to these sites using your own car or renting one in Mexico. However, it is important to remember that American and Canadian car insurance is not recognized by Mexican traffic laws. When traveling to Mexico from the United States or Canada, make sure you have purchased a Mexican car insurance.

You can easily get a Mexican insurance online or you can get it at the border point. However, if you rent a car when in Mexico, you can inquire from the dealer whether the car has a Mexican car insurance cover. With a good Mexican auto insurance, you can get to see the amazing Mexican pyramids as well as visit other tourist destinations without much trouble with the authorities.